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For the love of Sergio Busquets
Shy kind of guy

This is the wacky community for all Sergio Busquets fans!

Important reminder

Sergio would win most controversial player in the world award every year. He sometimes does stuff we're not proud of, but don't we all? He is also brilliant in his position, for both Barca and the NT. Think about that before making undignified comments!

Ground Rules:

1. This is a fellow Busquets fans community. it's for people that love him. L O V E (yes i'll see you later) him, so hate posts, hateful mock posts or anything that the moderating team finds disgusting shall be severely frowned upon AND maybe get you banned.

2. this is a fan fun community, so there'll be spams and jokes and lots of lulz, but trolls will be punished. by being forced to stare at winking Busi gif for 35 minutes. severe cases = ban

3. what goes in here: all news, info, pics, funny pics, manips (just not of slash nature), macros, pure unadulterated declarations of love, all related to Sergi. also, serious discussions and debates.

4. what does not go in here: hateful, flaming posts, trolling comments about members and our skinny god Sergio, nor fiction, of any kind. i'm sure there's plenty of places to read/post your Sergio fics.

5. why should you join?
- you love Sergio Busquets!
- you have a grave need to express this love in public, but you're afraid of the meanies that will laugh at you and post the rolling or winking gif.
- you want to write Sergio a love letter, but you're shy and you need your fellow Sergio stans approval
- you think you may have just stopped hating Sergio and you want to explore this new, unique side of you!

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